Monday, November 19, 2007

Planet Riddles

Try to find the answers to the following riddles.

1 I am the hottest body in the solar system. I keep everyone warm. Who am I? ____________

2 I am the second planet from the sun. I am very hot. Who am I? _______________

3 I am the planet between Venus and Mars. I have one moon. I am the 3rd planet from the sun. Who am I?____________

4 I am the 7th planet from the sun and the planet before Neptune. Who am I ? _______________

5 I am one of the coldest planets in the solar system. I am the farthest planet from the sun. Who am I? _______________

6 I am made of gas. I have a ring around me. I am the 8th planet from the sun. Who am I? ______________

7 I am the reddest planet and the 4th planet from the sun. I have two moons. Who am I?___________

8 I am not a sun or a planet. I orbit the earth. Who am I?_______________

9 I am the 5th planet from the sun. I am almost entirely made out of gas. Who am I? ______________

10 I am the 6th planet from the sun. I have thousands of rings that are mostly ice mixed with ashes and dust. Who am I?_________________

Answers :

Riddles on Numbers

1 When do elephants have 8 feet?

2 What has 4 legs and only 1 foot?

3 What is alive and has only 1 foot?

4 What has 100 legs but cannot walk?

5 What has 4 legs and flies? (Hint: it's not a dead horse!)

6 What coin doubles in value when half is deducted?

7 What is the difference between a new penny and an old quarter?

8 If you can buy eight eggs for 26 cents, how many can you buy for a cent and a quarter?

9 Why should you never mention the number 288 in front of anyone?

10 Where can you buy a ruler that is 3 feet long?

11 How many times can you subtract 6 from 30?

12 What number can you subtract half from to obtain a result that is zero?

13 How can half of 12 be 7?


1 'When there are 2 of them
2 ' A bed
3 ' A leg
4 '50 pairs of pants
5 '2 pairs of pants
6 'A half dollar
7 '24 cents
8 'eight
9 'Because it is too gross - 2 times 144 which is a gross.
10 ' At a yard sale
11 ' Only once, after that it is no longer 30.
12 'The number 8 - made up of 2 zeros one on top of the other.
13 'When the 12 is a Roman numeral - XII. Cut off the top half and you get VII.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


1. Which is the most noisy game?
Ans. Tennis, YOu cannot be playing without raising the racket!

2. Which fruit is mentioned most in history?
Ans. Dates

3. Which pet has no life?
Ans. CArpet

4. Imagine you are in a sinking boat, surrounded by sharks, what will you do?
Ans. Just stop imagining.

5. For which fruit will you find gents rushing?
Ans. Man-Go

6. Which is the smallest room which we cannot enter?
Ans. Mushroom

7. Which animal becomes divine being when it turns around?
Ans. DOG

8. X is the father of Y and Z. But Y and Z are not his sons. How can this happen?
Ans. Y and Z are his daughters.

9. A dhobi washes a shirt and puts it up for drying. It dries in 4 hours. If he
puts 10 shirts to dry, how much time will it take?
Ans. 4 hours

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Riddles for April, 2007

Q. Why is it impossible to take the picture of a woman with long hair?
A. You need a camera, and not long hair to take picture.

Q. I travel around world, but I have permanent place, who am I?
A. Black box in air craft

Q.What could be the opposite of Muthuswamy?
A. Muthu did not see me.

Q.What are doctors afraid of?
a. Apple

Q.Why did Thomas alwa Edison invent the bulb?
A. Because he was afraid of darkness.

Q. I am a man, but do not have legs, hands or head. Still people call me a man, after prefixing me with a verb. who am I?
A. Walkman

Q. Which is faster, "Hot" or "Cold"?
A. "Hot" is faster because you can catch "Cold" but not "Hot".

Q. Whyd did the boy put his watch into piggy bank?
A. Because he wanted to save time.

Q. Where do ghosts go for a swim?
A. In the Dead Sea.

Q. Which part of a clock is always old?
A. Its "Seconds" hand.

Q. What has a bed but does not sleep?
A. A river

Q.Why are clocks not allowed in library?
A. Because they talk too much.

Q. what is black when it is clean, and white when it is dirty?
A. A Black board.

Q. I am a 7 letter word. Remove 1 letter, it remains same; remove 2 letters, it remains same' remove 3 letters, it remains same; remove 4 letters, it remains same;remove 5 letters, it remains same; remove 6 letters, it remains same; remove 7 letters, it remains same;
Who am I?

A. Post Box