Thursday, May 3, 2007


1. Which is the most noisy game?
Ans. Tennis, YOu cannot be playing without raising the racket!

2. Which fruit is mentioned most in history?
Ans. Dates

3. Which pet has no life?
Ans. CArpet

4. Imagine you are in a sinking boat, surrounded by sharks, what will you do?
Ans. Just stop imagining.

5. For which fruit will you find gents rushing?
Ans. Man-Go

6. Which is the smallest room which we cannot enter?
Ans. Mushroom

7. Which animal becomes divine being when it turns around?
Ans. DOG

8. X is the father of Y and Z. But Y and Z are not his sons. How can this happen?
Ans. Y and Z are his daughters.

9. A dhobi washes a shirt and puts it up for drying. It dries in 4 hours. If he
puts 10 shirts to dry, how much time will it take?
Ans. 4 hours

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